Amy - Along the Yangtze2017-07-31

Our customized tour of Yunnan province for 16 days far exceeded our expectations. It was a fascinating journey through some of the most spectacular scenery I have ever seen. There is a lot of unique geography and interesting ethnic groups throughout the region. We travelled thru many areas of relatively remote mountains and river gorges. Really off the beaten track! But even on somewhat treacherous roads, we were comfortable and felt secure. One reason we chose Edward Adventures was because they were able to provide us with one guide and driver that would be responsible for us the whole trip. The high level of service and consistency of this approach was really exceptional and very tailored to our preferences. We felt like a family friend was showing us around his home territory. The meals were really something special! Our guide knew all the local specialties in each place we visited and we tried them all. It seemed he handpicked our food for us and made sure of the best quality everywhere we went. Our hotels were very comfortable. The most impressive thing about our tour was probably the way our guide seemed to always know where to go to get away from the crowds, to see the most amazing scenery and interesting sites in a very personalized way. And the many Chinese people he introduced to us everywhere were so friendly and warm. We didn’t even feel much like tourists travelling with him! It was really a fabulous trip that we will always remember! 

Sandy Dudgeon - Along the Yangtze2017-07-31

We all enjoyed our trip very much indeed – truly a unique adventure, very much the better for your company, Mr Mu’s company and the skills of the ma fus! I think the trek was something we will never forget - well designed, (so that we did not do too much straight away) - spectacular scenery - good food, and the endless supply of peanuts and green tea appreciated - great company – your description of the experience as walking meditation was a good one - and, of course swimming and washing in the Yangtze (for some)! Thank you, again, for all your work in making our Yunnan visit such a terrific adventure.