During this tour, you will visit Lake Erhai and Mt. Cangshan in Dali where Bai people live, visit the thousand years old grottoes in Shibaoshan, travel around Mt. Jade Dragon. Meet up with the people of Bai, Naxi, Yi and Mosou. The trek along the Yangtze river from Tiger Leaping Gorge to Lake Lugu will bring you closer to the people and nature.


Highlights of tour:

*     Mt. Cangshan and Erhai Lake in Dali

*     Shaxi village on Tea and Horse Trail0

*     Shibaoshan Mountain with thousand years old grottoes

*     Tiger Leaping Gorge trek

*     Baoshan Stone Village and terraces

*     Trek along the Yangtze via Taizhiguang

*     Visit Pumi people during the trek

*     Visit Lugu Lake and Mosuo people

*     UNSCO heritage site Lijiang Old Town



Day 1, Arrival in Dali

Day 2, Visit Three Pagodas and Hike to Zhonghe Temple

Day 3, Visit Xizhou Morning Market and Drive to Shaxi

Day 4, Visit Shaibaoshan and drive to Tiger Leaping Gorge

Day 5, Tiger Leaping Gorge trek to Tea and Horse Guesthouse

Day 6, Trek to Middle Tiger Leaping Gorge

Day 7, Drive to Yangzhi Laoke and hike to Baoshan

Day 8, Trek to Liuqing via two tunnels at Taizhiguang

Day 9, Trek to Laobo by crossing the Yangtze River

Day 10, Trek up to Wayi village

Day 11, Trek to Zhuangzhi stay in a Pumi family

Day 12, Trek to Lugu Lake

Day 13, Day to explore Lugu Lake and Mosou People

Day 14, Drive to Lijiang

Day 15, Visit Lijiang Old Town, Naxi village and temple


Joining city:

Dali, a town in Yunnan province.


How to get there:

You can fly here from Kunming, Chengdu, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, IATA code: DLU. You can also reach Dali by train or bus from Kunming.


Finish city:          

Lijiang, you can fly to many cities in China, and also to Hong Kong and Singapore, IATA code: LJG.