In the remote far south west of China lies Yunnan province. Scenically one of the most dramatic areas of Asia with vast snow-capped mountains and steep terraced valleys, it is also culturally one of the most diverse. The ethnic groups such the Naxi, Bai and Yi made their home here, and our fascinating journey will totally absorb aspects of this special area.


Highlights of the tour:

*     Life size arhats of Bamboo Temple and Stone Forest in Kunming.

*     Thousand-year old Three Pagodas and Cangshan Mountain in Dali.

*     Shaxi village survived on the Tea and Horse Trail.

*     UNSCO heritage site of Lijiang Old Town.

*     Tiger Leaping Gorge with the drops of 3900m.

*     Tibetan Buddhist Songtzeling Monastery which nick named as small Potala.



Day 1, Arrival Kunming, the city of Sping

Day 2, Visit Bamboo Temple and the Stone Forest

Day 3, Visit Dinosaur Valley and drive to Dali

Day 4, Visit thousand-year old Three Pagodas

Day 5, Visit Xizhou Bai Market and Shaxi village

Day 6, Visit thousand-year old grottoes, drive to Lijiang

Day 7, Explore Naxi villages and remote monastery

Day 8, Visit Famous Tiger Leaping Gorge

Day 9, Visit Tibetan town Shangri-La and its people

Day 10, Visit Songtzeling Monastery and Napa Lake


Joining City:

Kunming, the capital of Yunnan Province, city of ever Spring.


How to get there:

There are domestic flights from all big cities in China and international flights from Southeast Asia, IATA code: KMG.


Finish City:

Shangri-La, a small Tibetan town in Northwest Yunnan. You can fly out to Chengdu and Kunming, IATA: DIG.