This trip will take you to the colourful Yunnan to watch birds and the itinerary we made is very popular among the birders or the ornithologists from all over the world List of the Birds on the trip.



Day 1, Arrival in Kunming

Day 2, Fly to Mangshi and drive to Ruili

Day 3, Moli Nature Reserve and Mangke

Day 4, Nanjingli and drive to Nabang

Day 5 & 6, Birding in Nabang Nature Reserve

Day 7, Drive to Mt. Gaoligong

Day 8 & 9, Birding in Mt. Gaoligong

Day 10, Drive to Pianma

Day 11 & 12, Birding in Pianma

Day 13, Drive to Baoshan & tour ends


Join City:

Kunming, capital city of Yunnan, many domestic and international flights to Kunming, IATA code: KMG.


Finish City:

Boshan, Flight to Kunming, IATA Code: BSD.