Joanne - Colours of Red Land and Yuangyang Terrace2017-07-31

Edward is an exceptional guide; professional, punctual, strong follow through, knowledgeable, trustworthy and always available to exceed expectations. I have traveled the world extensively, hiring private guides in each country. From all the trips I have taken, there are two guides that are customer service driven and exceptionally above all others - Edward is one of those guides!  The tour in the eastern portion of Yunnan, Red Lands and Yuangyang areas, surpassed our expectations. I tend to research extensively and the trip out did the tour guide book? descriptions. Yunnan is a very diverse, picturesque province - a new Wow with each bend of the road.  Edward took care of every detail and even booked our tickets to Liajing. The only thing we had to do was show up at the airport. Loved the all inclusive tour which Edward provided. It was nice to just focus on the scenery and sites, not thinking about piece meal payments for meals or hotels. Edward provided water! He even shared his scrumptious rose petal paste filled pastries which we could not get enough of. His knowledge is extensive and there was not one question that he could not answer.  We left Edward? 10 day tour feeling excited, well taken care of and 100% satisfied. I would have no hesitation in recommending Edward.