This tour takes you to see the most colourful landscapes of Yunnan: Dongchun Red Land, Yuangyang Terraces of Hani people and hundreds of years old houses in Jianshui. Meet up with people of Sani, Yi and Hani.


Highlights of the tour:

*    Dongchuan Red Land cultivated by farmers

*    Visit Stone Forest to see the stone of different shapes

*    Beautiful terraces of Hani and Yi People

*    Colourful market in Yuangyang

*    Traditional houses in Jianshui

*    Taoist Temple and Gardens in Xiushan

*    Visit Mongolian village in Tonghai



Day 1, Arrival in Kunming

Day 2, Drive to Dongcuan Red Land

Day 3, Visit the Red Land and it’s people

Day 4, Drive to visit the Stone Forest

Day 5, Drive to Yuangyang Terrace

Day 6, Explore the Yuangyang Terraces

Day 7, Drive to Jianshui Old Town

Day 8, Visit old houses and temples

Day 9, Visit Taoist Temple and drive to Kunming


Joining and finish city:

Kunming, the capital of Yunnan Province, city of ever Spring.


How to get there:

There are domestic flights from all big cities in China and international flight from Southeast Asia, IATA code: KMG.