This tour takes you to the Kham area in Sichuan province to enjoy the beautiful nature of grassland, snow mountains and lake... meet with Tibetans to learn about their life and religion...


Highlights of the tour:

*     Xiacheng and Sanpiling Monastery

*     View from mountain passes and Daocheng

*     Haizhishan Mountain with lakes and rocks

*     Nomads on Litang grassland

*     Ganzi and monasteries in the area

*     Baiyu Monastery and Buddhist Collage

*     Famous Dege Printing House

*     Lake Xinluhai and snow mountains

*     Butter flowers in Daofu Monastery

*     Tagong grassland and monastery

*     Pandas in Chengdu



Day 1, Arrival in Shangri-La

Day 2, Day in Shangri-La

Day 3, Drive to Xiacheng

Day 4, Visit Sanpiling Monastery and drive to Sandun

Day 5, Drive to Litang via Haizhishan Mountain

Day 6, Visit Litang Monastery and Nomads

Day 7, Drive to Ganzi via Xinlong

Day 8, Visit villages and monastery

Day 9, Drive to Baiyu via snow mountains and grassland

Day 10, Visit Baiyu Monastery and drive to Dege along Yangtze

Day 11, Visit the famous Tibetan Dege Printing House

Day 12, Drive to Daofu with visit to Xinluhai Lake

Day 13, Visit Daofu Monastery and drive to Tagong

Day 14, Visit Tagong Buddhist collage and drive to Luding

Day 15, Drive to Chengdu

Day 16, Visit Pandas and Wenshu Temple


Joining city:

Shangri-La, a Tibetan town in north Yunnan


How to get there:

Flights from Kunming and Chengdu, IATA code: DIG.


Finish city:

Chengdu, capital city of Sichuan, many flights to all big cities in China and international flights to Europe.