This tour takes you to Yunnan to see the beautiful landscape of the area and to attend some of the most interesting festivals of Tibetans, Bai and Han Chinese shortly after the Chinese New Year, this is the best time to come to experience the festivals in this region.


Highlights of the tour:

*     Attend the unique Tibetan Horse Festival in Tacheng.

*     Watch the golden hair monkey in Baima Nature Reserve.

*     Experience the traditional Guozhuang Dance of Tibetans in the traditional clothes at night.

*     Join the Tibetans for the New Year Celebrations and Blessings at Dejilin Monastery.

*     Visit the Tiger Leaping Gorge with 3900m drops.

*     Attend the Ancestor Worship Festival of Bai people in Zhoucheng village.

*     Watch the Huangdeng Dance Festival in Mizhi.



Day 1, Arrival in Lijiang and meet the tour leader

Day 2, Visit Lijiang and drive to Tacheng

Day 3, Full day attend the Tibetan Horse Festival

Day 4, Watch golden hair monkey and enjoy Guozhuang Dance

Day 5, Drive to Shangri-La

Day 6, Visit Sungtseling Monastery and Napa Lake

Day 7, Join the New Year Celebration at Dejilin Monastery

Day 8, Visit Tiger Leaping and drive to Shaxi

Day 9, Visit Shaxi and Shibaoshan Grottoes

Day 10, Drive to Zhoucheng and visit Erhai Lake

Day 11, Attend the Ancestor Worship of Bai people

Day 12, Day to visit Xizhou and Three Pagodas

Day 13, Attend Mizhi Huangdeng Festival


Joining city:

Lijiang, UNESCO heritage site in Yunnan       


How to get there:

Domestic flights from some big cities in China and International flights from Hong Kong and Singapore, IATA code: LJG.


Finish city:

Dali, flights to Kunming, Chengdu, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou.