This trip takes you to Guizhou to visit the famous Huanggoushu Waterfalls and the different sub-tribes of the Miao and their festivals. These are the festivals you can visit: Tiaohuacha Festival of long-horn Miao, Lusheng festival near Kaili and Fire Dragon Festivals in Taijiang.


Highlights of the tour:

*     The biggest waterfall in Asia: Huangguoshu Waterfalls

*     Tiaohuacha Festival in Longga village

*     Lusheng Festival of Miao people in Kaili

*     Traditional villages of Miao

*     Unique Fire Dragon Dance in Taijiang



Day 1, Arrival in Guiyang

Day 2, Visit Huangguoshu Waterfalls and drive to Liuzhi

Day 3, Drive to Longga to attend Tiaohuacha Festival

Day 4, Drive to Zhenyuan with visits to village along the way

Day 5, Visit Zhenyuan

Day 6, Attend Lusheng Festival

Day 7, Drive to Taijiang to watch the dragon dances

Day 8, Visit Miao villages and attend Fire Dragon Dance Festival

Day 9, Visit Xiangsi and drive to Guiyang


Joining and finish city:

Guiyang, the capital of Guizhou province.


How to get there:

Domestic flights from big cities in China and international flights from southeast Asia, IATA code: KWE.