Our team

The extensive of knowledge, personality and experience of your tour leader is likely one of the most important element in any successful adventures. Edward Adventures has a very special group of individuals, who not only work out the unique itinerary to meet your needs, but who will also look after you during the trip with the knowledge and expertise required for these very individual tours. Here are a few from of our team.

" Hello! I’m Edward He, founder and managing director of Edward Adventures. As a native of the Bai ethnic people, I have traveled all over Southwest China and have established good relationships with the local people in the area. I like outdoor activities, especially adventurous traveling and photography. I’m always ready to share my traveling experiences with you. "

" I’m Neddy Luo. I Studied Tea Culture in university, but found traveling is much more interesting and so I turned into tour business. I have traveled through Southwest China and I love the mountains and people there. I’m always ready to show you the best of the area and the real life of the local people. Just come and enjoy the hospitality and honesty of the people here. "

" Hi! I’m Teddy Xu. I grew up in the mountains as a goatherd. I was an English teacher before joining Edward Adventures. As a trekking tour guide, I have taken travelers deep into the mountains inhabited by ethnic peoples. I also excel my colleagues as a versatile cook during treks. I’ve topped Mt. Haba (5,396m), and look forward to taking you there. "